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Autism Awareness

This full-day (7 hour) course is designed to provide an understanding of a highly complex condition and is suitable for anyone who knows or supports individuals with autism. Please note this course is based upon the Oliver McGowan mandatory training which all NHS and social care staff must receive. 

This course covers:

- What autism is and its prevalence
- The characteristics of autism
- The causes of autism
- Diagnosis of autism in adults and children
- Autism and development
- Autism and social interaction
- Autism and communication
- Autism and the use of imagination
- Autism and mental health
- The importance of routines
- Sensory difficulties and autism
- Treatments for autism
- Useful interventions when supporting those living with autism

Key information
- A maximum of 12 participants can be accommodated on the course to ensure quality of teaching.
- Each learner will receive a workbook which they will complete throughout the duration of the course.
- Each person will need to complete a theory assessment at the end of the course.
- Successful participation of the course and all the assessments will result in certification.

Course duration:
Full-day - 7 hours

Course cost: £100 per person, payment due at time of booking.

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