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Safeguarding Adults and Children

This two day course is core and mandatory within care settings and any other industry which works with adults and children. It aims to help learners understand the principles of safeguarding and to reduce the likelihood of abuse by ensuring staff know how to protect adults and children from harm and abuse locally and nationally. 

This course covers:

- What the term safeguarding adults means
- Understanding roles and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals 
- Relevant legislation, local and national policies and procedures which relate to safeguarding adults
- The main types of abuse  and the possible indicators of abuse 
- What constitutes harm, the nature and scope of harm to and abuse of adults at risk 
- Why an individual may be vulnerable to harm or abuse 
- What constitutes restrictive practices
- The range of factors which have featured in adult abuse and neglect 
- The importance of ensuring individuals are treated with dignity and respect 
- How to help people to keep themselves safe
- The local arrangements for the implementation of multi-agency Safeguarding Adult’s policies and procedures 
- Ways in which the likelihood of abuse can be reduced by managing risk and focusing on prevention
- What to do if abuse of an adult is suspected
- The importance of sharing information with the relevant agencies
- How to get information and advice about preventing and protecting individuals from harm and abuse 
- An understanding of normal child development
- The ways abuse and neglect may impact on normal development of children and young people
- Recognising potential indicators of child maltreatment
- Identifying children at greater risk of abuse
- The impact of a parent/carers physical and mental health on the wellbeing and development of a child or young person
- The importance of children’s rights in safeguarding
- Relevant legislation and guidance
- The importance of listening to children and young people
- How to take appropriate action if there are concerns about a child's welfare
- Documenting and reporting concerns
- The legal, professional, and ethical responsibilities around information sharing
- Professional abuse and raising concerns about the conduct of colleagues
- Understanding the needs and legal position of young people and the transition between children’s and adult legal frameworks and service provision
- Recognising how our own beliefs, experience and attitudes might influence professional involvement in safeguarding work.
- Where to access information, advice and support when considering safeguarding children

Key information
- A maximum of 12 participants can be accommodated on the course to ensure quality of teaching.
- Each learner will receive two workbooks (one for adult and one for children) which they will complete throughout the duration of the course.
- Each person will need to complete two theory assessments at the end of the course (one for adult and one for children).
- Successful participation of the course and all the assessments will result in certification.
- The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course duration: 
Two days - Each day is 7 hours inclusive of two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break (please note lunch is not provided).

Course cost
Two days for up to 12 participants: £749

All courses booked require a 50% deposit to secure your date, please see our terms and conditions for further details.
Any discounts will be applied at the point of invoicing.  

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