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First Aid for Parents
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A 4-hour course for parents, parents-to-be, baby sitters, childcare students or anyone else who comes into contact with or supports babies and children. The aim of the course is to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of what to do if an infant or child requires first aid treatment. This course therefore provides the learner with a safe level of confidence to intervene in a first aid situation. Please note, this course is not a paediatric first aid course and you will not be a qualified first aider on completion of this course. 

This course covers:

- Dealing with an emergency situation
- How to help a choking infant/child
- How to manage an unresponsive but breathing infant/child
- How to manage an unresponsive and not breathing infant/child
- How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
- How to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on an infant/child
- How to manage a fever and febrile seizures
- How to manage seizures
- How to manage a head injury
- How to treat burns and scolds
- What to do in the event of a severe allergic reaction
- What to do if an infant/child has swallowed something harmful
- How to manage heavy bleeding
- How to support someone having a nosebleed or an asthma attack
- How to manage suspected meningitis 
- How to support broken bones, strains and sprains 

Key information
- A maximum of 12 participants can be accommodated on the course to ensure quality of teaching.
- This course will require each participant to complete a health declaration form.
- There are practical elements to this course.
- Successful participation of the full course will result in a certificate of attendance you will not be a qualified first aider on completion of this course.

Course duration: 4 hours 

Course cost: £40 per person or £65 per couple, please be aware that payment is required at time of booking.

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